Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Education Can Overcome Anything

Ok, so one of the biggest, most important value for the Chinese is education (which I'm sure other nations value too). There is nothing can substitute this value, as long as you have high education and is serious about it, no is no opportunities that is impossible. For our main character, Adeline, she was living the life of Cinderella, where her stepmother and siblings hate her and her own biological father acts like she never existed. With no one in the world to care for her, Adeline looked towards books and learning as her only hope to make something of herself one day. Fortunately, while she sent away to a boarding school, she heard of a an international playwriting competition, and so she decided to enroll in it. After months of agonizing wait, and even beginning to lose hope, Adeline was suddenly called home to her father's office( which she has never entered) and he handed her the newspaper encompassing her victory. She has won first place in the contest! Through this, her father has finally noticed her, and was proud for once she was his daughter. Also because of this, she was able to be treated like her brothers and go to England to study. Finally Adeline's dreams have come true, and it was all due to the help of education.

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