Monday, May 19, 2008

Wrapping It Up

So initially I was curious about about how China's customs and traditions has helped shape it into the country it us today- the identity it possesses. After reading all the books, and doing some research on the current affairs and lifestyle in present- day China, I realized there's indeed been a great change in the lifestyles. However, I don't think the old custom and traditions have much impact in the change of people's identities, since some of these customs still remains today, or might have slightly been re-modified. Like all societies, time is the basic factor that creates changes. Every country competes to be the best, and with this comes advanced technology, better health care, booming economy, higher education, and etc. China isn't any different, and this is how it has transitioned. Not due to old traditions, but due to what we still value and the need to improve. Indeed, their views and philosophy might not have changed much, and that may have helped in making the decisions they place on the bigger ideas in life, such as how they run their government, or how they stress the importance and rigor of education, the close- knit relationship of a family and what's expected and respected, the manners and etiquette, and how the outside world impacts them. In conclusion, I believe its the Chinese people's perspective and values that helped shaped China into what it is today, and not the customs or traditions.

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