Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Disillusioned by Love

Ok, the girl in this story is really making me mad. So the story went like this; she met a boy, she falls in love with boy after three encounters, and now she's going to starve herself to death unless she marries him. Isn't this stupid or what? I mean, I can understand her reluctance to be in an arranged marriage, but need she go this far? She makes her mother beg on her knees and cry for her, and yet all she can think about is this boy she only met 3 times. Who knows is its unrequited love, despite the fact that he claims he loves her. How can these people know love at the first sight, and she's at15 years old, I don't think she's mature enough to know what love is in anyway; especially after what she experienced in such a short time and following a fictional love story like its her Bible. This girl doesn't "eat, not even fruit; rarely anything beyond a few sips of juice. " She feeds herself "by ingesting mystic breath, by thinking of love, by remembering my adventure with my poet outside the garden walls". This all started because of a book, a well- known tale about a girl who caused her own death because she was lovesick with a boy she DREAMED of within her sleep! Not even met, but dreamed, and she fell madly in love instantly and starved herself to death. And now, this girl is holding this character as some martyr of love, and is following her path. I just think this is ridiculous.

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