Wednesday, January 23, 2008

"Mother Love"

The chinese language is a very complex and intricate. In many ways, it's nt just used for communication, but also saw as a form of art in it's calligraphy and the meanings these characters create. One particular word that come across the story often was the word for motherly love. This love is not the same as the "I love you" kind, but a more caring and nurturing way. This is the love parents and families use, usually an older person towards a younger person. This word is simple, yet the words that make it up have great meaning. It's pronounced "teng ai", with "teng" representing "hurt" and "ai" representing "love". When these two different characters are combined, they form a "caring and nurturing" type of love, usually expressed by families. To some people, it's confusing to comprehend hurt and love as equalling a deep and protective love, but if we think about and look close within our own experineces, we realize that these two opposite words do come to make sense. The pain and hurt our mothers brought us into the world, the pain she watch us grow, the mistakes we make to hurt her, the discipline she unwillingly puts upon us, the tears of pain and joy she sheds for us, and the love we neglect and take for granted; all these represent the pain within loving. I think this is a genius way to portary the type of love we share with our family, especially our dear mothers. We unknowingly put her through so much pain sometimes, but if we stop to think about it, we know what what had neglected. Peony, our main character in the story, didn't notice the motherly love her mother felt towards her until she died and roamed as a ghost. Fianlly she realized the pain her mother suffered in loving her.

On a side note, I am overcome with emotion right now. Although I try to as obedient as possible, and as good to my parents, I've realized I've also caused them pain. I now truly understand this "teng ai" they have for me, and I want to express my love back to them. I LOVE YOU MOM, DAD!

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