Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Prejudice Against Girls

Alright, so I'm pretty sure we're all informed that this world has been sexist long LONG ago, and in some forms even today. Yet, it still shocks me, or rather interests me, the extent the Chinese went through just for a BOY! In families, a boy was needed to become head of the family and take over everything, but what is wrong with a girl? Why can't she take over the same responsibilities? That's because all girls were to be married off, thus they are no use. They only make their family spend money on them, but only to send them off to become someone else's property. I find this so degrading, because imagine what the world would be like without women! The stubbornness of these people irk me, especially how the story worded it as being "burdened by a single useless daughter".

Men had numerous concubines in hopes of these women would bore them the son that their wife or wives couldn't. It's already bad and unfair to the women that bigamy existed, leaving no happiness for true love and appreciation, but to be thought of a a BABY MACHINE is horrendous! Some women become so disillusioned, that they would trade off their own newborn daughters and STEAL another poor women's newborn son! This was done to secure their status as the wife, or gain favor with their husband. I just can't imagine the trouble people cause just because the father couldn't donate a Y chromosome.

Every ancestral offering and praying just had to revolve around babies too. These people's purpose in life was just to give birth, thus "pomegranates to symbolize fertility, jujubes because the words sounded like having children quickly, and the seven grains, because the Chinese character for kernel was identical in writing and sound to offspring". It's amazing how people can come up with these reasons in food to signify reproduction.

Another thing that made me mad was how women had to obey their men like God. The crazy people even created a book containing the "Four Virtues and Three Obediences". This was like the sacred Bible that every girl must memorize and obey, always bound to remember, "when a daughter, obey your father; when a wife, obey your husband; when a widow, obey your son. Your husband is Heaven". I'm just appalled at this rule. Whoever invented this stuff seriously had no idea the trouble his mother went into bringing him into this world. How ungrateful!

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