Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Peony Pavilion

The Peony Pavilion was an actual play, very famous written during the Ming Dynasty by Tang Hsien- Tsu. While reading the novel, I became very interested in this play, so I decided to look it up. Although I get the general story, since my whole novel is based on a maiden's obsession with it, I still wnated to know the story more in depth. Hence, here is a link to a synopsis of the story, because the actual play is a VERY HUGE book with around 50 scenes.

To also get a sense of how it would look like on stage performed in the traditional Chinese style, I found a picture of an actress who's playing Liniang (the main character). The costume and make-up is VERY heavy and detailed in this type of drama. It's nice to admire the pictures, but you would NOT want to see it because they speak in the highest pitched, squeakiest, prolonged voice possible. It's very boring and annoying to watch, hence I didn't post any youtube link, but you can definitely look it up if you're interested. This pictures is from a performance at the University of Beijing.

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