Friday, March 28, 2008

Women Wrote Too!

Many people would have believed that writing was an art and form of literature created by men and reserved strictly for men, however, the world world had been wrong; women had been writing as early as men, and many of their work were either published under a pseudonym, or stolen and made known by other men. Women during this era had no place in society, every male in their life dominated them, from their father, to their husband, and eventually her own son; thus, they never exposed the truth, for pride and recognition were shameful to a women, being obedient was the only good attribute. However, the whole women idea of women actually writing and composing great works of literature did struck me as a big surprise, since it had never occurred to me that such a thing would happen. Yet, now that i think about it, the whole thing indeed does make sense. Women, by nature, are more soft and detailed and notice the pretty aspects of things in life, which would have enabled them to write lovely and deep poems. Who knew how many of the well- known and classic poems of the chinese history could actually had been written by women?!

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