Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Beautiful Passage

"Snowflower had the true independent streak of the horse sign, only her horse had wings that carried her far above the earth, while mine had a plodding nature."

I really like passage, and it struck me as very interesting, since it has to do with the chinese zodiac. The zodiac has 12 signs, or rather, animals: rat, snake, ox, rooster, boar, hare, dog, tiger, dragon, monkey, lamb, and horse. The horse is recognized as an independent and free spirited person, and in this passage, two totally juxtaposing personalities can be seen. The horse with the wings reminds me of Pegasus, Hercules' horse. Here, one can assume the freedom and adventure and speed and independence of a god-like creature. On the other hand, the plodding horse is more of a tamed and domesticated animal who is obedient and never goes beyond its border. Indeed, descriptions like these are used to describe some people's personalities, of what type of horse or animal they may be. I find this very interesting.

Click here for a link to learn more about the chinese zodiac and find out what you are!

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