Monday, March 31, 2008

Death, a Common and Unpredictable Occurence

Death rate were high during before the 20th century, especially in countries where poverty raved. In the story, a young girl was stung by a bee, and died within a matter of 5 minutes. Nowadays, a first aid kit could have immediately at least subdue the poison from spreading, however, back in the 1900s of rural China, people could only stand by and watch and call for help, only to be dead when help does arrive. This showed how death was almost too common in the daily lives of people; one moment a girl could be in her front yard embroidering dowries for her upcoming marriage, and the next moment, she's dead. I just felt the unfairness of earning a living back then, with people working in the fields from dawn to dusk, in the extremes of the weather, the malnutrition, the stress, and the children they had to take care of; but all this hard work can be so easily taken away by one little accident. Life is too short and unfair.

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sarah lee said...

Life is unfair. I got nothing but the best. See the link below for more info.