Saturday, March 29, 2008

How Much Are You Worth?

Marriage was not about love during 19th century China, instead, it was about money. Every girl was basically "sold" off by their family into their husband's family. Besides, practically all the girl's marriages were arranged by her parents and matchmakers, thus it was usually the highest "bidder" that won the marriage. A girl had to possess so many great qualities, along with beauty, and suffering pain of bounded feet, to attain a suitable marriage. I just feel that this was so unfair, a girl is practically not even treated as human, but an object, a thing with little value that can be easily bought, and sold. A girl was born and raised solely to be bargained and controlled and used by her future "master", her husband, her in-laws, and eventually her own son. If she was fortunate to bore sons, her value in other's eyes may increase, but what difference does that make from being a baby machine? Is that something to be proud of? I just sympathize with these women, they never know the feeling of love, only monetary deals.

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