Friday, March 28, 2008

Chinese Poem

Recently, i have been discovering so many things about my own culture, and i am just so fascinated by it. One of my current obsessions is chinese poetry, but not just ANY contemporary poem, but some great classics by very well- known poets. Here is an example of one by Li Bai, a very famous poet of the Tang Dynasty, called "Long Yearning". Li Bai was the equivalent of a Shakespeare in our standards. Anyone knows that once something is translated, it loses its original powerful meaning, however, one can still feel the words in the poem as if it were alive, and see it happening; this was the power of Li Bai's writing.

Long yearning,
To be in Chang'an.
The grasshoppers weave their autumn song by the golden railing of the well;
Frost coalesces on my bamboo mat, changing its colour with cold.
My lonely lamp is not bright, I’d like to end these thoughts;
I roll back the hanging, gaze at the moon, and long sigh in vain.
The beautiful person's like a flower beyond the edge of the clouds.
Above is the black night of heaven's height;
Below is the green water billowing on.
The sky is long, the road is far, bitter flies my spirit;
The spirit I dream can't get through, the mountain pass is hard.
Long yearning,
Breaks my heart.

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