Sunday, March 30, 2008

Some Wedding Traditions

The wedding traditions during 18th and 19th centuries were a very interesting ceremony. Red is the main and dominant color, there is endless bowing, there are palanquins to carry the new bride, there is a feast to be served, firecrackers to be lighted, and gifts to be given. Yet two practices i find very interesting is the shoes the bride-to-be has to make as a welcome gift to her in-laws, and the "pouring of the water" when a leave leaves to go to her husband's home in a palanquin. The shoes represented how well a girl was at embroidery and demonstrated her ability at chores , however I don't understand how its shoes and not, like, clothing or something: especially since the chinese has a superstitious idea of never giving shoes to someone, since this will eventually foreshadow them to be your enemies. And as for the "throwing out of the water", its suppose to represent and prove the pureness and cleanliness of the bride-to-be, or her virginity. This is a weird way to express such private concerns, but nonetheless, I feel it interesting.

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